David M. Sanko
PSATS Executive Director

At PSATS, we are dedicated to helping member townships in any way we can.

We welcome your calls to (717) 763-0930 and emails to the addresses listed below.

Staff Member

Title Email

Sanko, David M.

Executive Director

Herr, Elam M.

Assistant Executive Director

Albert, Kathy

Fiscal Assistant

Atkinson, Karen

Program Manager

Bobb, Amy

Curriculum Development Adviser

Calhoun, Diane

Director of Insurance Services

Campbell, Jody

Accounting Clerk

Carpenter, Michelle

Chief Fiscal Analyst

Coburn, Scott

General Counsel

Conapitski, Casey Administrative Assistant

Ercolino, Jill

Assistant Director of Communications
and Managing Editor, Pa. Township News

Fishel, Holly

Director of Research & Policy

Florer, Jennifer 

Assistant Editor, Pa. Township News

Galletta, Mandy Administrative Assistant

Hammacher, Valerie

Insurance Program Administrator
Haring, Robin


Hollister, Joanne

Director of Administrative Services

Kilko, Carol

Director of Training Services

Kirk, Kaylin

Graphic/Digital Designer

Kronicz, Kathy

Training Support Specialist

Linn, Debbie

Administrative Assistant

Linn, Ginni

Director of Communications and
Editor, Pa. Township News

Lougee, Kelly

Training Services Program Manager

Maxwell, Trisha

Registration Specialist

McCollum, Anne

Program Manager

McDonough, Megan Research Analyst

Miller, Jayde

Administrative Assistant

Montrose, Kirk

Director of Management Services

Morgan, Melissa

Legislative Analyst

Mummert, Andrew

Director of Information Technology

Nailor, Linda

U. C. Coordinator

Novitzke, Chris

Fiscal Analyst

Vesnic, Radosna

Training Support Specialist

Schmidt, Jennifer

Data Analyst, Municipal Statistics

Shatto, Sarah

IT Assistant

Simpson, Cheryl

Claims Examiner,
Trustees Insurance Fund

Wawrzonek, Jill

Training Support Specialist

Wheeler, James

Director of Environmental Affairs and
Manager, CDL Program

Williams, Michael

Senior Data Analyst, Municipal Statistics

Wilt, Brenda

Associate Editor, Pa. Township News