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Prevailing Wage Reform Hearings Scheduled in August and September

Monday August 19th, 2013

The Pennsylvania House Labor & Industry Committee will be holding four hearings on prevailing wage reform now through September, and PSATS is asking townships to provide information on how your community has been affected by the prevailing wage law.

The hearings will be held in:

  • State College on August 22;
  • Stroud Township, Monroe County, on August 29;
  • Williamsport on September 10; and
  • Johnstown on September 16.

PSATS is looking for township officials who are interested in testifying at one of the hearings in support of prevailing wage reform. The testifiers should provide the committee with examples of how the prevailing wage law has affected their community and surrounding municipalities, including cost increases or project delays due to prevailing wage requirements.

Also, PSATS continues to need your prevailing wage stories and examples! Has your township postponed a project for a short or long term due to prevailing wage costs? Performed a project in the past that had increased costs due to prevailing wage requirements? Any stories or examples are much appreciated and will help us continue to build the case for reform. For completed projects, please include the cost that prevailing wage added to the project, if known.

To provide this information, contact PSATS Legislative Analyst Melissa Morgan at or (717) 763-0930. Thank you for your continued assistance on this critical issue!