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'PSATS Boot Camp' Will Prepare You for Public Office: Register Now!

Wednesday November 27th, 2013

'PSATS Boot Camp: Are You Ready for the Challenge of Elected Office?' is an introductory course that helps new supervisors become familiar with their wide range of responsibilities. It's also a great refresher course for experienced supervisors.

Whether new to this position or a veteran of township government, you are aware that your role as township supervisor requires a dedication to the public good and a commitment to your community. You want to be sure your actions and decisions are the best for your township and its residents. Registering for this two-day training program proves your commitment to your new responsibilities.

Click here to learn more about the Boot Camp and how to register.

PSATS, your state association, has assembled an elite but down-to-earth team of experienced trainers who will travel to 13 locations around the state in January, February, and March of 2014. This two-part program will leave you feeling conditioned to handle the duties your role of township supervisor will ask of you and will impart the sense of pride and discipline that you deserve.

Upon completion of this boot camp training, you will receive a certificate showing that you were trained in the duties and responsibilities of your elected township office. You will also receive a handbook that will serve as an excellent reference tool.

Make sure you attend this specialized training, the only newly elected official boot camp designed solely for townships, so you can return to your township more prepared to take on the many challenges that await you.