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Tell Your Residents About State's Septic Loan Program

Tuesday September 12th, 2017
Townships that have residents with onlot septic systems are urged to let them know about the Homeowner Septic Loan Program, provided through a partnership of the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, the state Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA).
Homeowners with onlot systems may apply for low-interest, fixed-rate loans to help them fix a malfunctioning system or hook up to a public sewer system. Loans are available for:
• repairing or replacing on-lot septic systems;
• connecting an existing home to a public sewer system for the first time; or
• repairing or replacing an existing lateral to a public sewer system.
Eligible homeowners can acquire loans at a fixed rate for the life of the loan; current rates are as low as 1.75 percent. The maximum loan amount is $25,000, and there are no household income limits in 2017. Homeowners have up to 20 years to repay the loan balance (up to 15 years for manufactured homes).
Townships are encouraged to include information about the loan program in any municipal sewage planning sessions and distribute brochures about the program at their municipal building, local businesses, libraries, and public meetings.
Sewage enforcement officials should be urged to leave a brochure with the homeowner whenever they issue a citation about an onlot system.
For more information or brochures, call PHFA at (855) 827-3466 or go to