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USDA Offers Financial Assistance for Rural Townships

Tuesday September 12th, 2017
USDA Rural Development offers three programs for rural municipalities to provide community facilities, safe drinking water, and water and waste disposal systems. The programs have rolling deadlines, so rural townships may apply at any time.
• The community facilities direct loan and grant program provides low-interest loans and grants to help rural areas develop essential community facilities for education, health care, public safety, and public services. The loans feature low interest rates, long terms (40 years on buildings and 10 to 20 years on vehicles), and no loan fees. 
Eligible borrowers include municipalities with a population under 20,000 and nonprofit organizations headquartered in a municipality with a population under 20,000.
For more information, contact Michael Ward, community facilities program director, at (717) 237-2291 or click here.
• The emergency community water assistance grants help rural communities that have experienced — or expect to experience — a significant decline in quantity or quality of drinking water due to an emergency or disaster. The funds help these municipalities meet the standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.
For more information, contact USDA Rural Development’s Pennsylvania office at (717) 237-2299 or click here.
• The USDA water and waste disposal loans and grants provide funding for clean and reliable drinking water systems, sanitary sewage and solid waste disposal, and stormwater drainage in rural areas and towns with a population of up to 10,000. Applicants must be unable to obtain financing from other sources at rates and terms they can afford and/or from their own resources.
For more information, contact Barb Lukens, community program specialist, at (717) 237-2294 or click here.