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Catch Illegal Dumpers Red-Handed

Monday April 22nd, 2019
Does your township have a problem with people illegally dumping trash along roadsides and in parks and other remote areas? Do trash, electronics, and other materials pile up around your municipal recycling dropoff containers? Are you stuck with exorbitant fees to clean up these areas?
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB) can help. The organization, with support from the state Department of Environmental Protection, has launched the IllegalDumpFreePA Grant Program to help local government and law enforcement officials curb illegal dumping by exposing those who commit this crime.
Grant recipients receive a surveillance kit to be placed at undisclosed locations that attract illegal dumping. The kit includes three concealable, lockable cameras and accessories that capture usable, conviction-worthy footage of license plates and illegal dumpers — even at night. One camera uses wireless technology that can send pictures via text to a registered cellphone when triggered, providing almost instant results.
There is no cost to the township, and KPB provides technical assistance for mounting and operating the cameras. Townships have the option of purchasing the equipment at the end of the grant period, which is typically three months. This program has helped in the successful prosecution of illegal dumpers in several counties.
To participate in the program, go to the grant program webpage and fill out an application. Townships may also contact the enforcement program coordinator, Rob Dubas, with questions at (724) 836-4121, ext. 107, or KPB is also available to make presentations at township meetings.