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New Guide Helps Communities Manage Stormwater Naturally

Monday May 13th, 2019
The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA) has just published the Working With Nature To Manage Stormwater Guide to help communities use green infrastructure to reduce pollution and flooding caused by stormwater runoff.
Stormwater runoff pollutes waterways and causes dangerous, damaging flooding. Nature-based stormwater management strategies allow the ground to absorb and filter stormwater, resulting in cleaner water and fewer, less severe floods.
Clean water and flood mitigation, in turn, provide a host of economic benefits. For example, clean water decreases water-treatment costs for communities and supports water activities like fishing and paddling that contribute $29 billion each year to the United States economy.
Less frequent flooding saves communities billions of dollars in averted damage. Clean water also provides a host of environmental benefits (e.g., wildlife habitat) and health benefits (e.g., safe drinking water).
This guide outlines the three most effective nature-based stormwater management strategies—green infrastructure, land conservation, and best management practices (BMPs) on farms—and provides links to resources for each.
Click here for a copy of the new guide and other green infrastructure resources.
For resources focused on nature-based stormwater management more generally, visit the Naturally Resilient Communities website
For more conservation resources you can use, visit PALTA’s Conservation Tools website.