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Gas Well Emergency Response Grants Available

Wednesday May 29th, 2019
Fire and rescue companies and emergency medical services in counties with unconventional gas wells or neighboring counties may apply for Unconventional Gas Well Local Emergency Response Grants from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner. The deadline for applications is July 24.
Eligible projects include:
• Obtaining professional national certification.
• Purchasing firefighting, emergency medical, rescue, or air-monitoring equipment to be used for incidents on, or related to, an unconventional gas well pad. All equipment purchased through the program will also include training on the equipment provided by the Pa.State Fire Academy at no additional costs to the grant recipient(s).
• Attending training classes and obtaining required educational materials to prepare for incidents at an unconventional gas well pad or related to the unconventional gas industry.
For more information and to apply, go to the State Fire Commissioner's grants page
For more information on programs, training and grant opportunities, visit the State Fire Commissioner website