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Townships Can Do Their Part to Promote the 2020 Census

Monday August 12th, 2019
With the 2020 Census on the horizon, Pennsylvania and its communities must be proactive in making sure everyone in the state is counted. Population numbers from the decennial census are used to distribute federal and state dollars for programs and grants and determine Pennsylvania’s political power (i.e., its number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and Electoral College votes for electing a president).
Townships can encourage participation in the 2020 Census by reaching out to residents and urging them to fill out their form, which will be mailed to all households next year. 
In your promotional efforts, be sure to emphasize that census data guides how much money your community gets from the government.
Here are some ways for townships to promote the census:
• Start advertising Census Day, April 1, 2020, in the township’s newsletter, website, and social media platforms. 
• Display and distribute census materials in the township building and at community events. The U.S. Census Bureau has useful tools and materials on its website.
• Emphasize the importance of a complete count during public meetings and while talking to residents or the local media.
• Pass a proclamation stressing the importance of the census and encouraging resident participation.
• Participate in Complete Count Committees, which are made up of local officials and community leaders who seek to increase awareness of and participation in the census.
• Plan ahead by mapping out a timeline for how you will promote the census to your residents.
To help townships in their promotion efforts, PSATS will be providing a census fact or statistic for each month leading up to the 2020 Census that can be shared with residents. Look for these facts in the Census Corner of the Township News, on this website, and PSATS' social media pages (please share).