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Got Litter? Encourage Residents to Adopt a Township Road

Saturday February 15th, 2020
As spring approaches, townships should encourage residents, organizations, civic groups, and businesses to commit to a litter-free community by joining Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s (KPB) statewide road adoption program. Most local areas, including municipal roads, communities, parks, neighborhood blocks, greenways, waterways, and trails, may be adopted through the program.
There is no fee to participate. Groups must agree to make safety a top priority, schedule two cleanups per year, and report the results to KPB after each cleanup. KPB will seek support from the local property owner or maintainer before proceeding with an adoption.
KPB’s program mirrors PennDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway Program, with the goal of reducing roadside litter on municipal roads. The benefits go beyond aesthetics, however. Volunteers have reported a sense of pride and community involvement.
“Many communities depend on volunteers to clean up litter,” KPB President Shannon Reiter says. “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful works hand-in-hand with municipalities and counties to give residents the tools and resources they need to keep our communities clean and beautiful.
“Our adoption program helps mitigate the costs associated with cleaning up and encourages partnerships between residents and municipalities. It’s a win-win.”
According to Keep America Beautiful’s 2009 National Visible Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study, litter cleanup costs the nation some $11.5 billion each year, with municipalities spending more than $790 million and counties spending $185 million each year.
For more information, go to KPB's Adoption Program webpage or call KPB Program Coordinator Stephanie Larson at (724) 836-4121, ext. 104, or email