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Commonwealth Releases Opioid Command Center Strategic Plan

Wednesday July 8th, 2020

In another governor declared disaster that has transcended several years, the PA Opioid Command Center has released its strategic plan, highlighting its accomplishments and providing a roadmap for continued work to help those with substance use disorder. The plan, available here, includes five goal areas: prevention, rescue, treatment, recovery, and sustainability.

Prevention involves reducing the risk of substance misuse through education and limiting the availability of addictive substances, as well as continuing efforts to reduce the stigma of the disorder as a disease. Rescue efforts are establishing sustainable methods to provide life-saving measures and increase access to harm-reduction services. The COVID declaration has temporarily halted the progress being made on the opioid mitigation strategy. 

Treatment means promoting access and reducing barriers for individuals and supporting the professionals who treat those with a substance use disorder. Recovery involves promoting supportive services for individuals in recovery. And sustainability includes the work to implement long-lasting policies and regulations to support the other four goals of prevention, rescue, treatment, and recovery efforts.