County Associations of Township Officials


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What is a county association of township officials?

Every county in Pennsylvania (except Philadelphia, which has no townships) has formed a county association of township officials as authorized by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Members of these county associations meet regularly to discuss issues of local and regional importance. County associations also hold at least one conference each year, which includes training opportunities, guest speakers, and exhibits by vendors of local government goods and services.

See below for the county convention dates and county association officers. County convention dates will be posted as they become available.

County association officers: Let your local media know about your convention!

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2017 County Conventions
(Please note: We'll be adding details as we receive them.)


Indiana April 28, 2017 Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Meeting: 9 a.m.
Meal: Noon
Rustic Lodge
2199 Oakland Ave., Indiana
Kimberly Luther
(814) 749-0422
Clinton April 29, 2017 Registration: 5 p.m.
Meeting: 7 p.m.
Meal: 6 p.m.
Flemington Church of Christ
714 Canal Street, Lock Haven 
Jeni Lucas
(570) 748-9154
Armstrong May 2, 2017 Registration:8 a.m.
Meeting: 9 a.m.
Meal: Noon
Kittanning Twp Fire Hall
1326 Route 422, Kittanning
Lisa Baker
(724) 354-3500
Somerset May 4, 2017 Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Meeting: 9 a.m.
Meal: Noon
Oakhurst Grill & Event Center
Rt 31 W 2409 Glades Pike, Somerset
Keith Barnick
(814) 629-5754
Allegheny May 4, 2017 Registration: 5p.m.
Meeting:  6 p.m.
Meal: 7 p.m.

Shannopin Country Club
1 Windmere Road, Pittsburgh

Jean Sebastian Valois
(412) 261-2521
Lawrence May 17, 2017 Registration: 5 p.m.
Meeting: 6 p.m.
Meal: 7 p.m.
Wurtemburg Perry Twp. VFD Hall
Route 488, Ellwood City
Janice Marshall
(724) 822-5834
Butler May 18, 2017 Registration: 8 a.m.
Meeting: 9:00 a.m.
Meal: Noon
Butler Country Club
310 Country Club Road, Butler
Lois Fennell
(724) 352-2324
Forest May 22, 2017 Registration: 5:30 p.m.
Meeting: 7 p.m.
Meal: 6 p.m.
Barnett Township Municipal Building
2301 Belltown Road, Clarington
Terry Craig
(814) 927-8795


County Association Officers

Click on county names that appear in blue to access the website of Facebook page for that county association. To update any information or provide a new link to a county association web page, please email Jennifer at





Ms. Beverly Shriver
Oxford Township
Phone: (717) 624-4544

Ms. Stephanie Egger
Hamilton Township
Phone: (717) 259-7237


Mr. Jason Davidek
Fawn Township
Phone: (570) 352-1700

Mr. Jean Sebastian Valois
Allegheny League of Municipalities
Phone: (412) 261-2521


Ms. Lisa Baker
Kittanning Township
Phone: (724) 548-2898

Mr. Jack Wilmot Jr.
Kiskiminetas Township
Phone: (724) 478-1695


Ms. Amy Schmidhamer
North Sewickley Township
Phone: (724) 843-5826

Ms. Merry Smith
Greene Township
Phone: (724) 573-1111


Ms. Lesley Kennedy
Napier Township
Phone: (814) 733-4770

Mr. Michael Shaffer
South Woodbury Township
Phone: (814) 766-2900


Ms. Shirley Moyer
Oley Township
Phone: (610) 987-3423

Mr. Mark Stitzel
Perry Township
Phone: (610) 562-5340


Mr. Ralph Rispoli
Catherine Township
Phone: (814) 832-3842

Mr. Richard Lasek
Blain Township
(814) 696-4363


Ms. Lori Kepner
Towanda Township
(570) 265-4344

Mr. Marvin Meteer
Wyalusing Township
Phone: (570) 746-1535/3033


Ms. Angela Benner
Bucks County Association of Township Officials
Phone: (215) 822-1391

Mr. Daniel Rattigan
Upper Makefield Township
Phone: (267) 614-9592


Ms. Lois Fennell
Jefferson Township
Phone: (724) 352-2324

Mr. Charles Stowe
Allegheny Township
Phone: (724) 791-2052


Ms. Tammy Burnheimer
Middle Taylor Township
Phone: (814) 539-5116

Mr. Bob Heffelfinger
Richland Township
Phone: (814) 266-2922


Ms. Brandy Ferraro
Shippen Township
Phone: (814) 486-0727

Mr. Gaylord McIsaac
Gibson Township
Phone: (814) 546-2842


Ms. Esther Hartman
Franklin Township
Phone: (610) 379-4245

Ms. Robin Cressley
Franklin Township
Phone: (610) 377-1773


Ms. Jen Snyder
Gregg Township
Phone: (814) 422-0727

Dennis Hamiester
Harris Township
Phone: (814)466-6228


Ms. Trish Fagan
New London Township
Phone: (610) 869-8658

Mr. Ernie Holling
West Pikeland Township
Phone: (610) 827-2241


Mr. Stephen Allison
Redbank Township
(814) 275-4466

Mr. Bergen Dilley
Clarion Township
Phone: (814) 764-5657


Ms. Barbara Shaffner
Lawrence Township
(814) 765-4551

Mr. William Lawhead
Lawrence Township
Phone: (814) 765-0176


Ms. Jeni Lucas
Dunnstable Township
Phone: (570) 748-9154

Mr. Larry Rhine
Phone: (570) 726-4912


Ms. Connie Kline
North Centre Township
Phone: (570) 759-2733

Mr. Steven Hess
North Centre Township
Phone: (570) 759-9556


Ms. Debra Merritt
Cambridge Township
Phone: (814) 398-8327

Ms. Cynthia McCoy
Summit Township
Phone: (814) 382-8208


Ms. Sheila Koser
North Newton Township
Phone: (717) 776-7665

Mr. Ralph C. Fisher
North Newtown Township
Phone: (717) 776-9412


Ms. Robyn Loesch
Jefferson Township
Phone: (717) 362-2313

Ms. Holly Allen
Reed Township
Phone: (717) 896-8904


Mr. W. Bruce Clark
Middletown Township
Phone: (610) 565-2700

Mr. James (JP) Kelly
Thornbury Township
Phone: (610) 399-8383


Ms. Christy Reigel
Highland Township
(814) 837-8762

Mr. Jeremy Rippey
Jay Township
Phone: (814) 787-4646


Ms. Tenderrlee Little
McKean Township
Phone: (814) 476-7414

Mr. Richard Allgeier
Greene Township
Phone: (814) 825-3347


Ms. Leigh Klink
Menallen Township
Phone: (724) 245-8438

Mr. James Means
Wharton Township
Phone: (724) 329-8503


Marcie McFarland
Tionesta Township
(814) 755-4543

Mr. Terry Craig
Barnett Township
Phone: (814) 927-8795


Ms. Vicki Nunemaker
Quincy Township
(717) 762-5679 x202

Ms. Kerry Bumbaugh
Quincy Township
Phone: (717) 762-5679


Ms. Luanne Keebaugh
Licking Creek Township
Phone: (717) 573-2822

Mr. Delmas Bard
Brush Creek Township
Phone: (717) 294-3403


Ms. Dawn Horr
Center Township
Phone: (724) 499-5487

Mr. Mickey Dikun
Jefferson Township
Phone: (724) 883-4900


Ms. Linda Greenland
Clay Township
Phone: (814) 448-3978

Mr. Doyland Gladfelter
Smithfield Township
Phone: (814) 643-6702


Ms. Kimberly Luther
Phone: (724) 248-3308

Ms. Michele Papakie
Brush Valley Township
Phone: (724) 984-8578


Ms. Lee Ann Hinderliter
Rose Township
Phone: (814) 849-4171

Ms. Deborah Wilson
Warsaw Township
Phone: (814) 328-2539


Ms. Kathy Saylor
Turbett Township
Phone: (717) 527-4411

Mr. Tim Manbeck
Turbett Township
Phone: (717) 527-2822


Ms. Doreen Salt
Elmhurst Township
Phone: (570) 842-9999

Mr. Theodore Stout
Clifton Township
Phone: (570) 842-8738


Mr. Lester Houck
Salisbury Township
Phone: (717) 768-8059

Mr. W. Logan Myers III                            Warwick Township
Phone: (717) 626-8900


Ms. Janice Marshall
Perry Township
Phone: (724) 368-8230

Ms. Shari Baney
Wayne Township
Phone: (724) 752-1361


Mr. Kristopher D. Troup
North Londonderry Township
Phone: (717) 838-1373

Mr. Ronald E. Fouche
North Londonderry Township
Phone: (717) 838-1373


Ms. Janice Meyers
Heidelberg Township
Phone: (610) 767-9297 x 10

Mr. Brian Carl
Weisenberg & Lowhill Township
Phone: (610) 285-4080


Mr. Brian Kisenwether
Butler Township
Phone: (570) 788-3547

Mr. John 'Jay' Wilkes, Jr.
Jackson Township
Phone: (570) 675-6008


Ms. Raine Ohnmeiss
Jordan Township
Phone: (570) 458-6876

Mr. Joseph Reighard
Gamble Township
Phone: (570) 435-2361


Ms. Lisa Gifford
Corydon Township
Phone: (814) 362-2710

Mr. Joseph Neal
Ceres Township
Phone: (814) 697-6948


Ms. Karen Shipton
Findley Township
(724) 748-4808

Mr. Walter Darraugh
Coolspring Township
Phone: (724) 475-2010


Marcie McFarland
Tionesta Township
(814) 755-4543

Mr. Ryan Casner
Oliver Township
Phone: (717) 899-6678


Ms. Heidi Pickard
Tobyhanna Township
(570) 646-1212 x223

Mr. Daryl Eppley
Stroud Township
Phone: (570) 421-3362


Ms. Tina Blain
Franconia Township

Mr. Michael Fox
Montgomery Township
Phone: (215) 393-6900


Ms. Judy Achy
Valley Township
Phone: (570) 275-2544

Mr. Gregory Molter
Derry Township
Phone: (570) 437-3908


Ms. Melody Ernst
Williams Township
Phone: (610) 258-8587

Mr. Christopher Christman
Palmer Township
Phone: (610) 253-7191


Ms. Karen Paul
Lower Mahanoy Township
Phone: (570) 758-2754

Mr. James Neitz, Sr.
Point Township
Phone: (570) 490-4572


Mr. Zachary Kuhn
Northeast Madison Township
Phone: (717) 789-9175

Mr. Dan Kirk
Carroll Township
Phone: (717) 576-0615


Ms. Mary Ann Conza
Lehman Township
Phone: (570) 588-9365

Mr. Keith Raser
Shohola Township
Phone: (570) 559-7394


Ms. Susan Williams
Genesee Township
Phone: (814) 260-9153

Ms. Nancy Gupp
Phone: (814) 274-0255


Mr. Kenneth Karlavage
Delano Township
Phone: (570) 467-0292

Mr. Gary Bender
Porter Township
Phone: (570) 628-1222


Mr. William Houser
Chapman Township
(570) 374-9563

Mr. George Richard
Centre Township
(570) 837-0446


Mr. Keith Barnick
Jenner Township
Phone: (814) 629-5754

Mr. John Kreger
Upper Turkeyfoot Township
Phone: (814) 926-4315


Ms. Mary D'Ottavio
Davidson Township
(570) 482-3166

Mr. James White, Sr.
Elkland Township
Phone: (570) 924-4166


Ms. Cheryl Wellman
Phone: (570) 278-2398

Mr. B. Elliott Ross
Herrick Township
Phone: (570) 679-2273


Ms. Lisa Everett
Phone: (570) 659-5439

Mr. Jeffrey Van Dusen
Westfield Township
Phone: (814) 367-5688


Ms. Judy Christ
Limestone Township
Phone: (570) 966-3380

Mr. Henry M. Baylor
East Buffalo Township
Phone: (570) 966-4004


Mr. Roger Patterson
Cherrytree Township
Phone: (814) 827-6404

Mr. Greg L. Miller
Irwin Township
Phone: (814) 786-7373


Ms. Lea Ann Adams
Pleasant Township
Phone: (814) 723-5240

Mr. Al Fox
Mead Township
Phone: (814) 726-2292


Ms. Erin Sakalik
Mount Pleasant Township
Phone: (724) 356-7974

Mr. Tyler Linck
South Franklin Township
Phone: (724) 884-0118


Ms. Laura Travis
Scott Township
Phone: (570) 798-2949

Mr. Alan Jones
Preston Township
Phone: (570) 798-2114


Ms. Trudy Harkcom
Donegal Township
Phone: (724) 593-6309

Mr. Michael O'Barto
Unity Township
Phone: (724) 539-2546


Ms. Brenda Novak
Eaton Township
Phone: (570) 836-3725

Mr. Kenneth White
Eaton Township
(570) 836-7175


Ms. Kerrie Ebaugh
North Hopewell Township
Phone: (717) 246-2398

Mr. William Schenck
Springittsbury Township
Phone: (717) 757-3521