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The PSATS Grassroots Lobbying Network is composed of local leaders who work together to ensure that the voice of all townships is heard in Harrisburg and Washington.

PSATS keeps members of the network informed of the status of important legislation and policies. Network members are encouraged to establish relationships with their legislators and communicate with them regularly about how a piece of legislation or a particular policy would impact township government.

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Posted June 30, 2017

Third-Party Agency Legislation Passes House 

First and foremost, thank you to all of you that contacted your House members and urged them to oppose House Bill 1469. Unfortunately, we were not successful as HB 1469 passed the House (107-87) and will now be sent to the Senate for their consideration.

Click here to view how your legislator voted.

As passed by the House, HB 1469 (PN 2186) would mandate that a municipality or multi-municipal program that currently contracts with a single third-party agency for the enforcement and administration of the UCC to allow an applicant to utilize the services of a non-municipal approved third-party inspection agency. Additionally, the municipality would have to accept the inspection reports of any third-party agency and allow third-party agencies to establish their own fee schedules

We are now asking everyone to put together specific examples of how this legislation would negatively impact your township and provide it to us as we prepare to fight this in the Senate.

You should also send a copy to your Senator and ask them to join us in opposing HB 1469 for the following two reasons:

  • It prohibits municipalities from controlling costs and fee schedules that will be unilaterally imposed by third-party inspectors
  • It would eliminate the consumer protection and safety standards prescribed by the municipality and the UCC by forcing local governments to accept multiple non-municipal approved inspectors.

Click here for your Senator's contact information.

Questions or comments can be directed to Melissa Morgan at or by calling (717) 763-0930 Ext 178. Thank you again for all that you do!

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